Independent of the underlying causes behind low weight, a very low BMI (such as BMI 18.3) can have serious health consequences. People that are underweight tend to be very tired and prone to exhaustion. The lack of nutrients can also deplete the immune system, making a person much more susceptible to illnesses and infections.



2014-08-01 · A BMI between 18.5 and 25 kg/m² indicates a normal weight. A BMI of less than 18.5 kg/m² is considered underweight. A BMI between 25 kg/m² and 29.9 kg/m² is considered overweight. A BMI of 30 kg/m² or higher is considered obese. What Is a Good BMI? According to the BMI scale, if you fall between 18.5 and 24.9 you’re considered to be a normal, healthy weight.(This means the person in our example above is just over the line of being at an ideal weight.) 2013-07-03 · If your 17 and have a bmi of 18.2 then there is nothing to worry about. You aren't fat or supper skinny. Your some where in between normal and skinny which is good.

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Body mass index (BMI) is a calculation that estimates a person’s body fat using their height and weight. A BMI of 18.5–24.9 is considered “normal” weight with a low risk of poor health, while 2010-11-25 2016-03-25 2013-07-03 I looked normal and naturally thin. Not underweight or super thin. I've never had much of a thigh gap lol even at a BMI in the 14s.

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Stephen Kiprotich (maraton): BMI 18.2 This means that they were an abnormally healthy group in other respects, perhaps because of family 

(9) < 0.001 Age group < 0.001 < 55 1,027 (22.7) 831 (18.2) 772 (16.9) 811 (18.2)  av A Rouhos · Citerat av 4 — Among healthy subjects with no signs of airway diseases, median FENO values were similar in skin prick BAL. Bronchoalveolar lavage. BHR. Bronchial hyperresponsiveness. BMI. Body mass index. CI 18.2 (14.5-25.7).

Is a bmi of 18.2 good

A BMI of 25–29.9 indicates that you are slightly overweight. Additionally, is a BMI of 20.5 good? If your BMI is: under 18.5kg/m 2 – you are considered underweight and possibly malnourished. 18.5 to 24.9kg/m 2 – you are within a healthy weight range for young and middle-aged adults. 25.0 to 29.9kg/m 2 – you are considered overweight.

Is a bmi of 18.2 good

18.2. 17.7 17.2 16.7 16.3 59.1 kgs. 9St 9lbs.

Is a bmi of 18.2 good

A BMI over 30 indicates obesity. 2021-04-17 Dr. Emil Shakov answered. 17 years experience Aesthetic Medicine. It always changes: Bmi 20-25 is "ideal body weight" which may not be as healthy as 26-29. A recent study showed this higher bmi was a healthier weight range for people Read More. BMI 16 to 18.4 is Underweight. A BMI of 18.1 can indicate that your weight is low.
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However, there are some situations where BMI may underestimate or overestimate these risks in the 25-35 BMI range. The main ones are: Children 2002-04-12 Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated for children and adolescents similarly to adults, but it takes the child's or adolescent's age into consideration. A BMI of 18.2 can indicate that your weight is low.

16.2. 14.7. 18.9. av EMM Degerud · 2016 — Bergen Coronary Angiography Cohort.
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BMI Calculation. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure that sets the weight in the ratio to the square of the body weights. The BMI is a rough guide, since it does not take into account either stature or weight distribution. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the BMI has also been used by …

A BMI of 18.2 might not be as unhealthy for a 20-something Caucasian female, but is likely unhealthy for anyone 20 or even 10 year older than that (and almost all other groups except maybe Asians like me). 2010-11-25 Doctors and nurses often use BMI to help find out if a person might have a weight problem. BMI gives a good estimate of total body fat for most people, but it doesn’t work well for everybody.

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When it comes to the relationship between weight and health, there's no one-size-fits-all ideal you can call on to make sure you're on the right track. If your BMI is 18.5, you're on the low end of what's considered healthy, but you may or may not be at a healthy weight. If you're naturally very slim, a BMI of 18.


The healthy range is 18.2 to 26.3 for boys and 17.6 to 26.1 for girls. Average BMI for Adults For adults, the healthy BMI range is from 18.5 to 24.9, regardless of age or gender, and anything over this means you are considered overweight for your height.

40.9. 27.2. 10.1. 4.1. 17.3.

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